The New Boy

I know the Fall 2012 shows started today but I'm not done talking about what I wanna talk about that's happened before so that's the way it's going to stay. I used to be very strict about order and hierarchy or whatever, but this is basically a free-for-all right now, so let's talk about this most important sweater from the Band of Outsiders pre-fall collection. I find myself saying that a lot lately; "important sweaters", and I think it means that I am addicted to knits. I like them chunky and oversized and I definitely like the with stuff written on them. Stuff like, Boy. in serifs. With a period after it, and god knows I love periods after things.

My favorite thing about it though, it's how it's a sorta classy nod to the BOY LONDON tees that were everywhere back in the day and have been popping up lately on the bodies of the cool kids that wear all black and look like girls who like boys who do boys like they're girls and what not.
(always should be someone you really love)

Now THIS is an expensive sweater probz worth the heartache. Come to me!

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Anni said...

Great pic! Just found your blog - LOVE it!