Prada by Prada for Prada

Oh Miuccia, Miuccia, Miuccia. Always breaking my heart, Miuccia.

Somehow this collection was all about things that I've been thinking about lately. I had a dream a couple months ago that I was getting ready to go out and I was going to paint my eyebrows. When I woke up, the idea still seemed cool, but as I'm rarely in a place that allows painted eyebrows, I haven't gotten around to it.

Orange brows and black and purple lids and white cheekbones. It's so intense. The thick black and shimmery purple liner are all VIXEN, but when you add the brows, you're in a whole new place. Especially when you add the white around the temples and cheekbones, like a weird concealer-blush combo gone horribly wrong. Is this woman a superhero or just crazy?

Bejeweled suits. Crisp, minimal jackets worn with skirts over narrow trousers.

Yes, skirts over pants. But they look INCREDIBLE don't they? I swear I can't believe I am suddenly into the skirts over pants look. A sliver of upper stomach exposed here and there (upper stomach - most erogenous of the erogenous zones) perfectly breaks the silhouette.

The reason why these look great though; is because of they're totally "supposed former infatuation vibez" which, I totes tweeted about a couple weeks ago. This, of course, refers to the look Alanis Morissette was sporting when her second record came out, after she had gone to India and thanked everyone for it. And yes, it has everything to do with wearing skirts over pants.

The trick to make this look the best it can be, is to wear a wrap-type skirt, something with a top-to-bottom slit somewhere in the front or side. It breaks the line and well, I don't know guys. Maybe this is all an arbitrary rule that I am making up right now because suddenly I'm attracted to something I previously thought was an abomination. Whatever this looks SO GOOD.

Then she threw in some color and sent out some aquamarine/black combinations that shot me right through the heart.

The embellishment is SO essential. This looks like weirdo luxe bugs running up on the top. It reads as really "tough" for some reason. Then the weird plastic buttons and spheres remind me of mod little girl dresses or something (and mod is pure Miu, of course) and then you add to that a slight military feel and it is the perfect prescription for right now and forever. It's basically everything Miuccia has ever done all put in a blender and perfectly spit out into a look for the future.

Yes to asymmetric tops that reach all the way to the ground, show a bit of upper stomach and are paired with a skirt and trousers and shoes that are the closest thing to horse-hooves that will ever walk down a Prada runway.

Then came the geometric prints and I was all omg this reminds me of old Miu Miu which is so meta, of course. I mean, she's Miuccia fucking Prada, at some point there's nothing else left for her to be inspired by but herself. I love these weirdo carpet 70's vibes.

Most shows I feel like I crop the looks towards the top, but even with the bejeweled collars, I think all the action in this collection was down below. It's all about how the layers break open to reveal what's underneath.

And then we have a shoe situation to discuss.

These platforms are hideous and I LOVE THEM SO MUCH. Oxfords (which so soon after THE platform oxfords from Spring 11, also feel super self-referential) were seemingly dipped in rubber and then married to traditional Japanese sandals or something. There's also a mary-jane option (hello late 90's athletic mary-janes!), that I'm really, really leaning towards to. I need this in my life.

For your fancier evenings, the weird dipped shoe came in a variety of finishes and coverings and they all had a totally different vibe. I love the flower-printed ones the best.

(prints everything, duh)

Yes, and also bags. Printed bags. NEED.


C.A.R. said...

i love this! :)


Sasha said...

aaaah this is such a GREAT post. thank you.

Ivette Rossana said...

The flower print shoes I like the best.