Proenza, Proenza, Proenza (the Schouler is implied)

By this point is it safe to admit that Proenza Schouler are the one show that I look forward to every season in New York. I was at their Spring 2010 show and have watched all the other ones via livestream because, DUH. Although they don't kill me every season, it's still a must-see. In a way I think they've taken the spot that Marc Jacobs used to occupy when we would all be "what will he do next?". I mean, I think people still care about what Marc will do next, but it seems more and more removed from my reality as the seasons pass.

For fall, though, Jack and Lazaro made their way back into my hearts and the top of my WANT list with a collection that was 100% PROENZA SCHOULER, while still borrowing a bit of details from Balenciaga and Jil Sander and maybe even Comme des Garcons in its less weird moments.

The first look was this white moto-style jacket that's been sort of deconstructed and put back together pretty much the way it was originally except not. It is slouchy and covers the body and when paired with some weird blanket layers as a skirt it makes a total statement of aggressiveness & sexuality without going the usual way.

From then they moved to the oxford shirt, which has been making cameo appearances in their collections since the very beginning. Worn with wide-leg trousers and done up in contrasting shades of buttercream they have a slight armor-feel. Masculine dressing has always been one of my favorite things, and although there's something crazy 80's about the shoulders and big sleeves, I think it ultimately works.


Then out goes the white palette and in comes the saturated colors and plays on textures. Shirtdresses have always been my weakness and this one is SO special. Contrast collar. Contrast piping on pocket. Contrast piping asymmetrically running down the bodice. Contrast skirt. Contrast. Contrast. Contrast. GIMME.

BOOM! Leathers and fur. I'm sorry but this jacket is like, SO LUXURY. I'm sure it'll cost about as much as my rent for half a year but fuck, if I had the spare cash I would get it because it will be a FOREVER piece. It is so decadent and bad-ass and magnificent. Perforated leather in navy and black! How could you not love this more? Paired with a leather pant and top because what the hell, you may as well just go all out in leather and screw everyone else. Maybe eat a steak while you're at it. It's what I would do.

After you're done dying over leather realness we get to sweater realness and by now I am basically drooling all over the place and imagining a world where I get to wear these clothes everyday like it's no big deal. I've said it a million times but there's nothing more YES than matching your separates. Commit to the look guys. COMMIT. TO. THE. LOOK.

And yeah, maybe when this came out I was all OMG BALENZ, but whatever. It's pretty.

This look was made for me. Oversized tee half-tucked into a luxurious barely there skirt. Pretty much all I want to look like (I AM QUEEN OF THE HALF TUCK, DOODZ). I honestly feel like my life would literally be better if I could wear this every day. It is tough as nails but also weirdly whimsical. And ew, not that I would ever want to wear something that can be described as whimsical but this skirt is rad.

Oh and on the feet?



readysetfashion said...

this has to be the best review of the ps show. thank you for penning these words.
at first view of the show, i was offended because the boys did borrow soooo much from balenciaga. i mean really, who do they think they are??
but after reading this post, i'm going to relax a bit and not cringe so much.

Gabi Noel said...

UHM IM KIND OF OBSESSED. Love your taste. Following you. Follow me back :)
check out my blog!
xx gabi