Sunday Jam: 3 songs for right now. always. forever.

Azealia Banks : 212

Zebra Katz : Ima Read

Robyn : Don't Fucking Tell Me What To Do

These are the three songs playing on my ipod, on repeat, on my way to and from work, out to dinner or dancing or whatever. Basically they are the soundtrack to my "walking around life". I don't know if this playlist will grow to have more songs, the mood is so specific and fuck you-ish that I don't know if I even own any other songs that can go on this. I mean, it's not about a specific "fuck you" to a guy or society or whatever, just a general "ugh I'm fucking tired of all this shit", so my default Fiona/Hole etc shit doesn't belong. But that's ok. I have a tendency to listen to things on repeat over and over again, repetition is comforting, it helps put me in a trance and then I can just get inside my head and figure shit out.

Azealia has the coolest vibez, of course, and the video is super rad but mostly I just like the way she talks and whenever she says "what's your dick like, homie, what are you into,?". I think I just wanna hang out with her and get into trouble. The first time I watched the Zebra Katz video I was all "????" and I wasn't sure how I felt about it but the song was just immediately stuck in my head so it didn't take me long to figure out that I fucking loved it. It's SO MINIMAL, I am kind of obsessed with it. I mean I'm obsessed with all these songs but like, omg it's just the beat and them rapping over and somehow that's more than enough. It's too good a track, rally. Robyn is Robyn is Robyn, basically. So these 3 songs over and over again are all I need.

The next step is obviously to go out dancing and hope they play these songs so I can REALLY get that energy out there into the world.

Stop feeling sorry for yourself, take control of your life.

And speaking of no more boring lives, my band screentests is playing a show on Thursday. If you are in NYC you should come because it's gonna be a fun time.

See you there?

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