Haider Fantasy

If you aren't already bowing down at the altar of Haider Ackermann, you have a problem.

His hand works magic. His clothes exude a ridiculous amount of power and sexuality in the most intense and modern way. He makes clothes for real lives and real women living those lives.

He is quietly making the biggest statements every season and yet somehow ends up fading into the background, but he is SO IMPORTANT and SO EVERYTHING and SO RIGHT NOW.

The vaginal symbols continue to make their way throughout our 2012 visual landscape. The change in consciousness moves you away from phallocentric visions.

Protect yourself from the elements and keep your center.

"Urban uniform" is a cliche just as bad as "passion for fashion" but I'm hard pressed to figure out another way to describe this. If the revolution is gonna be televised you better fucking look good.

[Emphasize the HIPS (fertility/hippie stuff/yadda yadda yadda)]

Incorporate the sun into your wardrobe.


I wanna be the woman that wears this everyday to run the world and get shit done.

What is this color palette anyways? Grey and orange and brown and it is cool and retro but not really at all. I sure do love the power of an oversized cowlneck. Instantly regal.

This is pure FIRE! Aren't you just dying at these shades?
I see you Katniss Everdeen.

(ps Haider at YSL would be BONKERS)


Jenny said...

luuuurve the second photo detail. and the colours in the last are unreal

mamaartista said...

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Espero que te pases por mi blog y me comentes que te parece.L+

SCHUANNE said...

His show was genius!!! Love the shots you selected. I'm looking through your blog and I like what I see thus far. Take care!

Schuanne, Stylist


Anonymous said...

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Duck said...

Love the detailed photos. Haider is SO RIGHT NOW, and completely agree about the YSL bonkersness but I guess we'll have to wait a while for that one...

MOOD by me said...

Stunning collection, such amazing shapes and prints and it's so unique and original x

Saint Allison said...

I love how you go through the detailing in your posts, such amazing insights. Thank you for the inspiration.