March belongs to Grimes

Grimes : Oblivion

My friend John has been telling me I need to check out Grimes for a while now, but it wasn't until Hazel posted her new video on the Rookie Tumblr that I was finally all OMG WAT. This shit is fucking amazing and I know that it's totally irrelevant but I am SO into her look in this video Everything about this is perfect and if I was 13 or something she would surely become my EVERYTHING. I've been listening to the song on repeat for a while now and I think I realized that one of the reasons why I love this track so much is because it has the same vibez as one of my all-time favorite bands, Mecano.

Mecano : Hoy No Me Puedo Levantar

Mecano : El Cine

The videos are totally/radically 80's but whatever, the VIBE is totally there! Awesome dance beats and same high pitched voice singing. I can't wait for her record to come out, I can totally see it becoming my record of the SUMMER.



Ivette Rossana said...

MECANO, I still listen to them, and still find them awesome!

Ivette Rossana said...

Hazel looks like you! Same vibez.....

Sheyla said...

Wow! Love Mecano.

alyssa said...

i just got into grimes a month or so ago and actually thought - she reminds me of laia! so little and stylin and hyper.