interesting times.


Perfectly captures the "interesting times" we are living now. Probably you and definitely me make a we. Comme des Garcons has the starring role, which of course, because what else is interesting in these times other than Comme des Garcons (and ok Haider and Balenciaga but let's focus). 

Lindsay Wixson superhuman through illustration but that's really what wearing Comme turns you into anyways. 

Wixson with a machine gun (or something, i know shit about weapons) is an obvious way to interpret the power but I'll take it. Text bubbles with emoji couldn't possibly be any more current. 

This is what your 2012 looks like. Think about that in 5 and 10 and 15 years when you keep running across this image in your archives or whatever new Tumblr exists then. 

This is what my 2012 looks like except my power has not come from exacting revenge over disappointment or a broken heart*

Because that is not really power of course it's just like fun but temporary.

(There is power when you replace someone's name in your phone with an emoji though, you should really try it)

Sometimes power comes from waiting too. If you make yourself comfortable.

*The Comme woman has no time to deal with men's bullshit, she covers herself in flowers, BUT, captions written by noted celebrity blogger who takes his moniker from noted socialite, couldn't possibly understand such a detail. And we cannot blame him for what he doesn't know.


Jessica W said...

Shit this is awesome

The Lovelorn

nicole said...

God, I love you .

Monica said...

Haha... this is awesome. Trivia - "may you live in interesting times" is supposedly a Chinese curse. Hmm...