yeah right.


For someone that never really cared about Disney shit, I've always had a sort of secret love for a classic Mickey Mouse tee/sweater whatever (I wrote about it here once). Marc Jacobs was kind of a whole lot of boring masquerading as a whole lot of weird and like in theory you could be like "yeah!" but when you really look at the stuff its like "eh..." but then this sweater came out and I was like "must have! I hope it's on Moda Operandi or something and then maybe I can buy it", and then today the MO email came and I looked at all the separate pieces and they seemed even weirder and still like eh even though I really loved all the overpriced underwear ($500 "sweater knickers"!, $325 striped undies that are allegedly pants!) because now I'm on a real "nice underwear" binge ever since I realized that I still have pairs from college and at least one bra from high school (but its my favorite bra and somehow its still in good condition so whatever). The point is that the sweater is sequined and awesome but it is also almost a grand? And then I was like wait, since when is it ok to spend that much money on Disney merchandise? That is totally crazy and not YOLO at all. So the sweater dream is dead and not that it was ever alive to begin with, but I am still really into this sweater and I'm sure next season someone will take a picture of Anna Dello Russo wearing it with like, custom Vuitton logo Mickey ears or something that will have her name embroidered in gold thread and she will also wear comically large red pumps like Minnie because let's face it, this is the state of fashion today.


The BOOKWORM said...

it's insane to think that u have to waste so much money for an item like that : 0

When we really think about it, and I mean really think about it, there just clothes

Why waste so much money on that one item?

Glad that you have posted and defiantly agree with you : D

r.a.j.e. said...

That just made me go all goey inside! I want one!
r.a.j.e. X

Constance said...

This short sweater is adorable!


Kate said...

Love it! Mickey mouse is so hot right now!

Amanda said...

still love it but not for a thou!

Pardon My Fashion said...

Love me some iconic imagery<3

sofía said...

I want one!