new is unknown but deep down you know


probably the most important t-shirt of the season, if such a thing is even a thing, although it is now a thing because i have made it a thing. ACNE was weird. It keeps getting weirder which is fine. first instinct is to say "modern bride" but that's only because i've read too many fashion magazines for far too long and their language is part of my inner monologue by now. but it's still a right assessment, both the "t-shirt of the season" as well as the "modern bride" part, although this does not imply that getting married is a trend (i mean, what). this whole year was dedicated to life experiments, doing new things, not so much existing outside your comfort zone but mostly making sure all of your comforts are taken care of. a NEW shirt is exactly what i need, the perfect commemoration of a year fully realized (also having new things is nice). 

there's really nothing modern about the dress, actually, it looks like undergarments ladies in the 1800s would've worn, except what a scandal to wear them out in the world! we have done all the late 20th century look revivals and i fully support venturing further back in time to find new ways to be "punk rock" and "subversive". too many studs everywhere. i only want furtively shown ankles and wrist bones visible through keyhole-d gloves. 

and when this makes it to the magazines on a wet paz de la huerta, i will still be into it


MOOD by me said...

This is a beautiful dress, so graceful. Maybe so graceful I think you won't see it on a 3am paparazzi photo;)

Sarah said...

Oh, what a gorgeous dress. And you just can't beat a cool tee under a floaty dress. x

InkedandSewn said...

I appreciate things that push boundaries and are different. However while i respect this as an artistic vision its not inspiring to me.

on a sweeter note.. i love your blog :)

Jess James

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morganvsmorgan said...

I just think there's something so weirdly badass-sexy about wearing something so long and flowy with a graphic cropped shirt under it. I want one!

Jeanine Brito said...

How much of a consumer does it make me that I wouldn't mind owning that t-shirt?

JuliaJuliaJulia said...

In love with this kewl T

MelissaD said...

I appreciate this so much and I love your interpretation of the look! Your a great writer and I am really enjoying you blog. Thanks!

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sofía said...

so gorgg!!!

Limestone fireplace said...

most graceful new dress I have seen recently.
- Vinnie

andi leigh said...

This posts summates my feelings about ACNE in general- they are indeed (thankfully) getting progressively weirder.