On keeping it cash

Looks like I have something to say about things again so here I am. I kept renewing the domain and as much as I wanted to abandon the "geometricsleep" I can't, I mean how could I?

So here I am again, trying something else, going somewhere looser, having no exact ending location, just going along for the ride. I am older than when I started and I'd like to think wiser (yes, I am probably wiser, I will give myself that much credit). 

So I guess this space lives again. It probably was never dead to begin with. 

I'll start with real self indulgence, I guess, starting with the above picture, a modified version of probably my most favorite fashion photograph ever, which I finally found on the internet a couple months ago. I can't pinpoint exactly what it taught me, but it taught me something and in the end you know, that's really what matters.

I quit my retail job last month. I am back to attempting the freelance stylist/writer lifestyle which I know is the pits, but honestly, I am excited to be back doing what I love. I am broke but happy, right now, everything feels perfect. It's a nice thing to feel, you know?

Puerto Rico tee and Nikes, pretty much everything.

I guess now that I do not have to wear the kinds of dresses that people buy for special occasions for my every day life, I have crossed over to the most basic items as fashion obsessions: sweatshirts and sneakers; and of course, since it's getting cold, leather leggings and leather skirts and leather everything. It's fun to psychoanalyze your sartorial tendencies, I guess.

I hate you/I love you Jack & Lazaro.

So sneakers and sweatshirts and leather and now it's a thing with backpacks. Although apparently backpacks are indeed a THING for everyone else too which honestly makes me feel a little bit weird. But whatever, I have to carry my computer to work everyday and why carry a totebag and a purse and blah blah blah. I'm currently carrying this pink flowered situation I got at Urban Outfitters for my birthday canoeing trip but now I think I need something more grownup. In an ideal world it'd be the new Proenza backpack but like, ugh, money and all that stuff.

Ok, good job, Kane.

There's also this Christopher Kane guy, which I love even more because it reminds me of the Jansport I used to carry in high school except instead of pins and notes on sharpies it's embroidered flowers and also leather. Also just remembered I carried a Rugrats plastic mini backpack senior year. God, I was obviously so cool.

Adult. Very adult. 

In the meantime, I am considering this little Everlane guy because it seems kinda serious but it's still cool. Also it matches my wine leather leggings. I can't promise I won't put a button or two on it, also patches, is there an etsy patch shop? Does Claire's still sell them?

So that's where I am right now I guess. I'd say I'm reverting to teenage fashion but I was strictly a Gwennabe growing up so I don't think that counts. 

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readysetfashion said...

so happy to have you back! i've been pretty out of it, and you may just inspire me to find my voice again...