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sheryl crow, on display

Thinking about at what point in your life so things click, how did your style click how did your brain click how did your life click. I thought things never click or maybe they are always clicking. Constantly locking into something else, some thing clicks for right now and some things click forever.

The Sheryl Crow thing clicked and now I know it's clicked forever. For as obsessed I was with fashion growing up, my main influences were still musically related. Back in the days when they still played music videos on TV I was a teenager with all the time in the world to watch all the music videos. The video for "If It Makes You Happy" was on constantly and soon I was mesmerized by the hypercolors, and the weird concept of Sheryl, on display in a museum seemingly losing all her marbles with an undecorated Christmas tree. But a video can only be so much without a good song, and oh boy this song was (and still is) everything. I wouldn't understand the exact sentiment of the song for a million years, but then one day it clicked and I needed the song and the song was there for me.

The point is I saw a great leopard print coat at Zara and immediately my mind went to this video. I tried on the coat and felt cooler than I've ever felt in something before. I'm so NOT a leopard coat kinda girl though, so I had to think about it. And now they're all sold out so the decision has been made for me.

Better off this way, maybe? But I still think i wanna be the leopard coat kinda girl. I wanna lead that kind of life. 

Zara, of course, being the center of all my existence right now. They have been consistently killing it for most of the year and the fantasies I have of going shopping in there Supermarket Sweep-style are all too real.

love the vest (doesn't work on me) need the skirt, maybe the turtleneck too

The thing being of course that Zara is the only mass market waddayacallit to totally get on board those Celine minimal vibez and DELIVER what we all want and can't actually afford. I mean where else am I supposed to shop? Urban Outfitters is straight up clothes for teens and JCrew still feels too normie for me sometimes (actually my real problem with JCrew is that the stuff I like the best is like "JCrew Collection" and therefore a million dollars, U G H ).

Which means that now Celine won't be Celine anymore. I was not super into SS14 Celine ok? But let's not dwell on it. The bold squiggly prints in primary colors just felt too much Memphis and I was never into the Memphis situash so it just feels dated already. But not to say that I am not dying over certain pieces in the collection, like the blue coat or all the great jewelry.

 weirdo geometric jewelry and perfect blue coat at Celine.

That's fine if Phoebe wants to go her own way, I just need Zara to go the old way for just a little bit longer.

But going back to the clicking, you know, sometimes after being anti-something for forever you come back around and start seeing it in a different light. I have never been one to be pro-overalls on adults, I've had these feelings since about 7th grade, but now (now, now, now, now), I think maybe I'm coming back around. I started thinking about overall dresses and they just made sense in my head. I can't say that I'm planning on wearing one anytime soon but I'm just saying these feel very NOW and I am 100% about the now.

overall dresses at Veronique Branquinho and DKNY

Also in a surprising twist of events, a look from the 10 Crosby Derek Lam collection made me think about overalls in a different way, I mean how sexy and completely 100% not juniors department is a cropped shirt over the overalls? 

ok, I give.

Some things click right away and some things take forever to but as long as things are always clicking then there's nothing to worry about.

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