let's see what happens if i do this thing


i guess there's nothing else to do but write, i thought, and here i am a day later.

actually, that was like a month ago. it's crazy how long it takes me from wanting to write something to then actually writing something.

i have been thinking a lot about a lot of things, thinking too much maybe. you try to have your life in order, you try to follow a "life plan" but in the end life will take the turns it takes and the plan will just be constantly outdated. i am trying to come up with some new plans.

i have been thinking a lot about the things that mean the most, the things that matter to me the most, the simplest of pleasures.

let's talk about j.w. anderson then. in less than five years his experiments in clothing and un-clothing and de-gendering clothes, among other things, have become a reason to care about fashion again. it's easy to be over everything, easy to tire over the countless cycle, the money, the riches, the status, blah blah blah, i want to talk about clothes! and then here comes j.w. anderson and you forget about that other shit that people have piled on to sell a bit more of this and a bit more of that.

for resort the suits got cut in half and turned into romantic experiments. can a woman have it all, yes of course, this isn't even about business in the front and a party in the back, there is no need to hide your true self from the world you can be both at once, you can be anything you want to.


the men were not immune from such fluidity. softly draped and tied trousers do not lose any of their masculinity, but earn a new ease from a soft drape at the hips. the "halter" style tank in the matching stripe, seems like a subtle nod to that prada lace collection that drove me absolutely wild and commanded a new exploration of sensuality and femininity.  a robe, with extra long sleeves and ties at the waist paired with a simple pair of pants seems weird enough it just might work but it is also new. i think, in his investigations, he has not lost track of reality and real life although those things are also meaningless.

going further back into fall, the classic, girliest of the necklines, the sweetheart, gets superimposed over stiff, architectural blouses, mutton sleeves that bring to mind armor. then the long suits of the 90's career woman come out and instead they are wrapped at the waist with a thick band, what more protection do you want. but i still think he thinks we can have everything.

everything seems to be a thought of how much or how little, a talk of extremes without being a call for attention.

for spring i fell in love with his geometry, his non-shirts, front-shirts, shape-shirts, all new combinations. revealing and barely there, slightly futuristic but not forgetting the human presence in the future. you can imagine a chiffon square giving you energy from the sun.

his aesthetic gets more sophisticated but no less modern. modern the way we thought we would be living in the future even though in the end we all know, the future will never be we thought it would be. the more you try the less it veers.

i am standing in front of what seems like the most giant of the abysses trying to figure things out. let's see what happens if i do this thing is all i can say and i'm sure that's all you can say when you put a square of chiffon on a woman's chest and let it out into the world.

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